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More and more often you see transparency as a tool to work on the Sustainable Development Goals. Using open source software as a tool to catalyze change is the next step.  So it’s not just about sharing information and collaborating to create change. It’s about sharing crucial parts of data in order to make yourself or others better for the greater good. Can open source be seen as a serious change catalyzer? These are some of the parties that think it is:

1. United Nations

As owner of the SDGs, The United Nations is absolutely into open source as change catalyzer. They have many tools developed and are sharing these in many different countries in order to get companies up to speed. Like this special toolkit for Malaysian SMEs and the embracement of certain technologies for different impact making projects.

2. Seepje

Seepje is a Dutch company that produces liquid detergents, all-purpose cleaners, dishwashing detergents, softeners and hand soaps from natural shells grown in India and Nepal. They only use the best environmental friendly ingredients and they pay a fair price for these ingredients. In 2021 they have developed an advertisement addressed to big companies like Unilever, P&G and Henkel. In a letter they published their list of ingredients and did this to make sure everybody can copy it and there will be no more excuses to not be able to make a sustainable liquid soap as well.

3. Greenpeace

Greenpeace has a global engagement platform, Planet 4, where Greenpeace supporters and activists can interact and engage with the organization. The goal is to drive people to take action on behalf of our planet. They invite everyone to participate and use people power to battle global issues like climate change and plastic pollution. Developers, designers, writers, contributors, and others who are looking for an open source way to support environmentalism.

4. Pangeo

Pangeo fosters collaboration around open source and big data tools to enable research in ocean, atmosphere, land, and climate. They are first and foremost a community promoting open, reproducible, and scalable science. Because they believe big data can change the world.

Do you have an addition for this list? Let us knowAlso reach out if you want to learn more or start using open source for your organization.

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Martine de Leeuw

Senior PR specialist & communication expert | Impact maker | Founder of JungleBird Agency
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