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Impact PR

We are impact advocates and future-proof communication experts. We are shakers, committed and pragmatic -very obviously on a mission, to make more impact for and with our clients.

Why are we relevant in today's world?

Our history

As co-owner of a social enterprise in the Philippines, Martine met many fellow (social) businesses on a quest to make more impact together. Combined with a long lasting background in PR & communication for upcoming and larger companies, the idea for an Impact PR agency was born. 

JungleBird Agency is all about establishing the right balance between people, planet and profit and use  communication as a force to establish good together.

Our vision

Embracing a shared purpose makes teams, stakeholders and companies more aligned, more innovative, more productive and more future-proof.

Smart integrated communication is a key ingredient to drive quicker change, better collaboration, happier teams and more impactful projects towards a regenerative ecosystem.


Our mission

We finetune the recipe and strengthen the signature of businesses that want to make an impact.

We combine doing good with doing business by empowering their teams,  engaging on their behalf and communicating their impact.

We transform the ecosystem of businesses by actually taking the small steps that enable them to achieve their big goals, to the benefit of employees, consumers, communities, the planet and companies’ bottom line.

What is a JungleBird?

The JungleBird is a rich and mythical Kuala Lumpur heritage cocktail. The recipe is here, don’t look further.

At JungleBird Agency, we work with our own set of ingredients, mixed for you with our special recipe. We believe our clients need us as a shaker to finetune their business in a structured, balanced and creative way.

On a secondary level, actual jungle birds -which are also intrinsiquely attached to Kuala Lumpur-, are intelligent, caring, majestic… and colourful. They live in amazingly beautiful and rich yet threatened environments

At JungleBird Agency, we believe it’s all about the balance. People, planet and profit. Doing business and doing good. Having big goals and taking small steps. 

We are an agency.

We are an ecosystem of experts delivering turn-key projects, from alpha to omega. We are used to working together and combining our respective strenghts for the greater good.

We are JungleBird Agency. Here to empower, engage & communicate to make an impact. Established in 2022. For you, with you. For the greater good.

We are very 2023

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Our values









Meet Martine de Leeuw, our founder

“For over 15 years, I’ve been a Dutch PR expert and communication specialist. By choice and chance, life took me to Asian roads and my focus narrowed down to giving back by taking over a social enterprise in the Philippines. This doing good by doing business combination is the origin and roots of a professional life where both worlds come together. I am dedicated to helping other companies make an impact and activate their “doing good by doing business” mentality.

I am an eye opener, a line mover, a change trigger, a small pivots enabler, an impact activist, in other words a catalyst who challenges every team, be it in social enterprises or large corporations, to take the first steps or accelerate towards a healthier, more inclusive and more regenerative ecosystem.

I welcome every single day as a new opportunity to solve problems, draw frameworks, craft solutions, build results and collectively organize what needs to be arranged in order to ensure we all contribute within our scope of action.”

"Only people make purpose happen. So, let's connect those dots and make change happen!"

Meet our impact makers

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Emma Bottomley

Sustainable Fashion Consultant

Support brands with sustainable sourcing, development & production. Owner of artisan brand Eloma design.

Black and Gold Fasting Strengthens Instagram Post

Aurélie Bécat

Positioning Strategist & Brand Therapist

On a mission to [re]position and [re]brand businesses for accelerated success and sustainable profit growth.

Elena (2)

Elena Kersey

Content professional & podcast producer & host

Creates stories that audiences love across tv, digital and audio. Her podcast The Purpose Effect is about women on purpose.

Want to make more impact?

We invite you to change with us.