Let your story stick

Remember sitting in that meeting with your colleagues giving an update that you don’t really care about? It’s only human for your mind to be drifting away. In order for a story to be effective, it needs to connect. So how selfish this may seems, the only reasons why you are listening is because something is remotely related to… yes you.

So how to let your story stick? To really make an impact with it. Three simple rules:

  1. Connect

Start with something that your listeners can relate to.

  1. KISS

Keep it short & simple. Nobody wants to listen to endless stories without the punchlines.

  1. Participate

Make them participate in the story. If your listeners feel they are in it – they will remember.



Picture of Martine de Leeuw

Martine de Leeuw

Senior PR specialist & communication expert | Impact maker | Founder of JungleBird Agency
Owner of the Manilla-based social enterprise Notadaydream

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