Change is never easy

Change is not an easy thing to do. Frankly, it’s often easier to just stick with what we have or know. But change is inevitable. So, in the end change will come to you sooner or later. In case you want to be in the lead of change for yourself and/or your business, continue reading. Let’s dig into the world of change and how to challenge yours.

Perception of change

It’s important to realize that change has everything to do with perception. Firstly, it’s all about your own values and beliefs. If you see the benefits of a certain change, you are most likely implementing that change. If you are more reluctant, you will have to overcome some barriers first. Secondly the perception of change has also everything to do with time. Nature is showing us this every day. For example, a bamboo tree can grow 20cm a day. You won’t be able to see that growth if you watch it, but still the next day the bamboo tree changed. Your brain now wants an explanation so you can understand what happened in order to accept that change. Otherwise, you won’t believe it’s real and you won’t accept that growth. Nature is showing us that change is often happening right under our eyes, but we won’t be able to see those small steps, only the result.

Foundation of change

The growth of a bamboo sprout might seem effortless, as we can’t witness it with our own eyes. But we all know that isn’t true. In this case it’s all depending on soil, water and climate; a bamboo tree can grow between 5 and 91 cm a day. So, all these circumstances make change happen in different ways. This bamboo tree is the perfect metaphor to show change is not just about you or me, but about the total ecosystem. Add a little bit more water and it will change the change. It’s also perfect to show you that change comes in different steps, but hugely depends on the foundation of it. The big goal is to grow a big bamboo tree. The level of change all depends on the foundation (soil & climate) of that change and the elements (water, sun or shade) that are added to make it grow. 

Be a change maker

To bring this back to business it’s evident that if you want to challenge change, you need a solid foundation with a big goal and those additional small steps (elements). So, you can create the perfect circumstances for change and lead in the right direction. Just remember that at the same time you still need to be open and transparent enough to embrace what the ecosystem has to offer. The steps that you need to take to make change happen are not carved in stone. The change is not just you or me. It’s the total ecosystem. So, make sure you act like a change maker. Someone who can inspire others, adapt to change around you and make the change happen.

Let’s think together about how you can make a first step to make change happen!


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Martine de Leeuw

Senior PR specialist & communication expert | Impact maker | Founder of JungleBird Agency
Owner of the Manilla-based social enterprise Notadaydream

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